Halloween Fun: DIYs, Delicious Recipes, & Costume Creations

Let the Halloween countdown begin! Some of you may have already started decorating, but if you haven’t started yet, we have a lot of fun with Halloween decoration and costume crafts in this article.

And if you are planning a small date, we have some scary recipes that you can also add to your menu!

We love the look of these alcohol colored pumpkins. You can choose any color combination that matches your decor – we think a rainbow pumpkin would be fun!

Here’s another idea if you want to paint your pumpkins. Elsie used patio paint to create these pretty patterns.

We had to include one of our favorite seasonal projects – this Halloween countdown calendar. It’s not too after to start!

String a pumpkin garland or a sweet corn garland on a fireplace (or a mirror). You can even keep them after the end of Halloween (hello, Thanksgiving!).

Speaking of garland, how about these wire cat ghosts?

Emma (the Queen of Halloween) came out a few years ago and decorated her house with a bunch of skeletons. It was more than epic! Here are five ideas to add to your Halloween decor.

These mini pumpkins from Playhouse are so cute and we also love Emma’s fabric pumpkins. So many good pumpkin crafts here.

Claire made a pumpkin stand for her son (from an IKEA play kitchen)—so many sweet memories year after year!

I bet we all have an old sweater hanging in our closet. With this DIY, you can turn your pillow into a skull pillow.

What about a Halloween village tradition? We have included free prints to make it even easier.

Let’s talk about the treats! We love these little chocolate pumpkin shells (they are edible!), and these easy treats for sandwiches. You can use toppings like pumpkin pie icing and jam in between the Ritz crackers. Mmmm.

You can’t go wrong with Elsie’s fall trail mix. It has all the good things like cereals, chocolates and cheese.

And if you want another snack mixing idea, here is Elsie’s homemade recipe for mixing Chex. Once you have started your own Chex Mix, you will never come back!

Laura brings the best Jell-O recipes, and sweet corn will always be our favorite.

Speaking of Jell-O, these creepy eyeball Jell-O shots are Halloween perfection!

We want to introduce you to these original monster cocktail stirrers (and the most fun candy shopping spree ever).

Speaking of chocolate, don’t forget the no-bake truffles (with big eyes, of course).

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