Gifting the Sweetness of Cookie Butter

Can you give someone a little bag to make them smile, can we all agree that biscuit butter is at the top of this List?! We’ve made cookie butter a few times here on the Blog, but this time we’re working with one of our favorite Craft brands, Brother, to show you a really fun way to personalize spring-themed cookie butter to give to Someone special!

With your P-touch Embellish ELITE and ScanNCut DX electronic cutter, we have added some simple personalized embellishments to our cookie butter jar, which makes a simple gift simply adorable and is the perfect tool for beginner, intermediate or experienced crafters! I know we’re not the only ones who have found solace and relaxation in home crafts over the last crazy year, and March is National Craft Month, so it’s the perfect time to brush up on your craft skills while hanging out at home. This is the first time we have seen this in the past, and this is the first time we have seen this in the past… let’s create something cute!


– P-touch embellish ELITE
– ScanNCut DX-electronic cutting machine
– white, Gold, Pink vinyl
– white ribbon with golden ink
– small transparent jars for butter cookies
– Flower template (right-click to download)
– Sugar cookie butter with spring-colored sprinkles

First of all, we cut our flowers to decorate our pots. Download the flower template and open it in the Brother CanvasWorkspace program. I have two sizes of flowers on the sheet as well as the centers for the flowers. When I cut the white or coral flowers, I chose the mediums and erased them so that they would not be cut, then when I prepared to cut the mediums in the gold vinyl, I selected the shapes of the flowers and erased them to leave only the mediums. You can also move the shapes you want to cut to the top of your virtual mat, so you only have to place a small amount of vinyl on top of your real mat and don’t waste unnecessary vinyl.

You can also load the vinyl onto your carpet at this point. You can either cut a sheet to cover the entire page, then save the unused pieces for another time, or see how many squares your design covers, then cut your vinyl to cover that number of squares on your corresponding mat grid. The staff was very friendly and helpful.Once you have positioned the shapes you want to cut on the top of your mat, you can go to “Portfolio”, then choose “export/transfer FCM Portfolio” to send the Portfolio to your ScanNCut machine. On the home screen of your cutter, go to “get data” to display the Portfolio you have just exported, and your design will appear on your machine screen and you can select the Sapphire “OK” button.On the next screen, click on the “please select” button and select The “cut” option because we are going to cut out a shape. Since we are cutting the vinyl, we just want to cut through the vinyl layer and not the paper layer under the vinyl, so you want to select the small wrench icon on your screen to scroll down and make sure that the “half cut” option is toggled to “on” mode. Use the mat button on the front of your machine to load your mat, then press the “Start” button!Once your drawing is cut, press the mat button again to unload the mat and remove the unnecessary negative vinyl from your drawing to leave only the shapes you need.

Use some of your transfer tape and rub it over your design so that you can gently peel it off and lift your vinyl molds so that they can be transferred to decorate your glass! If you are making two colors of flowers, peel off your cut vinyl layer and add a new piece in your second color and repeat the cutting and transfer process. If you are having problems with your vinyl not sticking to your transfer tape (or if you don’t have one), you can use your fingernails or the small spatula tool that comes with the device and gently peel them off yourself and stick them like a sticker.

Once you have cut and added all your flowers, repeat the process with the center of your flowers. Prepare your cookie butter, add spring-colored sprinkles and pour your cookie butter into your jars.

Our last step is to add a personalized ribbon to tie around the jar! Use your Brother P-touch Design & Print app on your phone to create a personalized label that you can print directly from your P-touch Embellish Elite. I was a white ribbon with golden alphabetical outlines and added “” biscuit butter!”and a daisy next to it to tie the ribbon in the design of the glass. You can customize your label with different colors and bandwidths, choose from the selection of fonts and a variety of icons to customize your creation even more according to your needs – so cool! The device also prints adhesive tape so that you can also carry out all your organizational projects with it!

Now that my ribbon is attached to my cookie butter, it can be delivered to a very lucky recipient! I love eating cookie butter with fruit (like strawberries or pretzels), so you can always offer something like this with your cookie butter to complete the set. It is an ideal place to stay for a few days in the heart of the city. The room was very clean and the bed was very comfortable. We’re all here to make fun, personalized crafts in the comfort of your own home, and I hope this inspires you with personalized gifts for your future! xo. Lauras

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