From the Heart: Simple and Thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you don’t have a gift yet, don’t worry – we’re sharing an easy DIY roundup to spice up before the weekend!

This clay planter just screams happy. And it’s incredibly simple – the hardest part is deciding which colors to use.

Treat your mom to a relaxing bubble bath with bubble bath sticks! We recommend that you put them in something like this – they are too beautiful not to be exposed.

We all love wicker and rattan objects, and this candle holder with cane sticks gives off all these vibrations.

If your mother loves jewelry but needs a special place to store/display it, you can make this earring holder for her. The bottom is made of marbled contact paper to ensure economy.

Click here to see how Laura made these cool gold earrings – another gift idea!

This homemade potpourri is easy to prepare and much better than the store-bought variety. you can also make a large quantity!

Candles are great gifts for any occasion, especially for Mother’s Day. We have a few options to choose from, such as beeswax (they have a slight honey scent), Soy and this pretty flower-shaped pillar candle.

Dream quietly! Make your bedtime pillow mist that you are sure to love.

We found a way to organize the earrings, but what about the rings? This palm leaf dish is super easy to prepare.

We really like these recipe cards – and they are free/printable at home. Add a nice recipe box and you’re done.

These Pineapple Potholders are just as tasty and functional.

Homemade bath salts (infused with your favorite essential oils) are an easy-to-prepare and thoughtful gift idea.

If she likes plants, make her a hanging brass ring for planters, and you can put a real or dummy plant in it.

Bathtub explosions are always a fun gift idea. We have several crafts on the Blog like the one above (rainbow with golden reflections-oooh!) and green tea and lemon (made with real green tea) and this classic variety.

We are part of the cake, but you can add any set to this seamless tea towel.

Make her a few simple pearl earrings. So pretty!

Homemade soap is one of our favorite gift ideas. We have several to choose from, such as this gemstone soap, grapefruit poppy seeds, pumpkin spices and tie dye.

This pink sugar body scrub is a “dupe” of a popular brand, and we can’t get enough of it! Do something for your mother and yourself.

You can make him a set of Terrazzo cheese knives (then invite them to cheese and Plonk, of course).

Another gift for cooking? Food Packaging In Beeswax. We love using these reusable (and eco-friendly) envelopes for leftovers.

You can buy a set of wool drying balls (they are so much better than drying sheets) or you can create your own set and add a bottle of lavender or lemon essential oil to the gift bag.

Don’t forget a card! We have two designs to choose from that can be printed at home. Or you can make a pop-up card like Emma did here. Infallible.

And if DIY isn’t your thing, check out Elsie’s Mother’s Day wish list or our favorite shipping gifts for moms for more gift ideas!

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