Fluttering Blooms: DIY Felt Flower Mobile

While I was preparing the nursery for the arrival of our son at the beginning of the summer, a project that I had on my List was to make a DIY felt flower mobile. I wanted something whimsical that would match some of the colors of her wallpaper. In addition, projects with felt are simply fun. They always feel such low pressure for me (probably because they are quite inexpensive), so I feel good about making some mistakes. Ha.

Here you will see the phone next to the wallpaper. I didn’t quite manage to hang it above the crib because I’m still sure I’m happy with the location of the furniture, but I’ll share more photos once the whole piece is assembled (soon!).

Anyway, I loved the way this DIY felt flower phone evolved. I think this could be a nice project for all kinds of Spaces, not just a child’s room. I had seen a picture of something similar here on Pinterest and was trying to find the original source (hoping for a tutorial), but I had no luck finding it. If anyone knows the original source, let me know in the comments below! But since I didn’t find it, I just created my own tutorial that I’m going to share.


– Embroidery frame or small wire crown frame
– green felt (and what colors the flowers should be)
– Embroidery thread
– Embroidery needle
– Fabric scissors (here is a link to my gold pair)
– Bias tape
– Adhesive

I used a few different shades of yellow, Orange, red and cream for the flowers on my phone. I was a little worried that it would look like sweet corn, which is why I used a variety of shades that move away from the basic colors. But changing these felt colors can give this DIY felt flower mobile so many different looks for different rooms.

Step two: then I used embroidery floss to sew them into loops. Make sure you leave enough extra cord to hang these different lengths on the phone.

Step three: Cut the leaves from the green felt, pinch the ends and sew two of them together. You can use them to tie them around the hoop or hang them in the mobile phone.

Step four: cover the hoop with the bias tape. Add embroidery thread in the center in a criss-cross pattern. Then hang the flowers and leaves hanging on the phone. I found it easier to work on it with the mobile phone suspended in order to see how much the pieces hung and covered. I just put a nail on a door so I could hang it at a comfortable height to work (a control tape hook would also work).

Here is a top view of the phone so that you can get a better view of the process. After you have hung all the parts at your discretion, cut off any excess embroidery thread.That’s it! It’s really very simple and inside it’s quite messy. There are tons of other tutorials to create more complex felt flowers, so let me share my little project with you all.

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