Crafty Creations: DIY Wooden Ball Holder Tutorial

I am a sucker for a quick and cute DIY and last Christmas, when I wanted to make a little photo display, I took some supplies to make “quick photo holders” that I still love today! I was thinking of making a few more for the shelves in our new house and wanted to share the DIY Because it’s very quick, but they are pretty cute when finished. It’s easy to forget to visualize the best moments in life and just leave photos on your phone or in an Album… let’s go!


– 1.5mm Bendable Craft Wire
– Wooden ballpoint buttons (I used 1 1/4″ wide, but you can use the size of your choice)
– fast setting super glue
– Jewelry wire cutter and needle nose pliers
– Pencil (optional)
– drill and drill bit 1/16″

Cut your wire to the desired length with wire cutters (you may be able to cut it with scissors, but it will blunt your scissors, so use wire cutters if you have them). Put a few drops of glue in the hole you drilled and place your thread in the hole (you can do this on wax paper if glue drips from the floor).

You can use the needle-nose pliers to bend the top into a curvy circle so that you have something that looks like a small lollipop at the end of your thread. I realized that you can always make a few after that, that you can also wrap the thread around a pencil and then peel it off if you have a pencil handy.

Once your thread is wrapped, it’s time to add your photo and you’re ready to display your image!

Aren’t they simple, but cute? And this Pink Instax Film that I bought for my Instax camera is also so pretty in the frames. I had bought a couple of dazzling Instax albums-to keep some of my photos, but it’s great to also have these holders to rotate and display my favorites all year round.

You can paint the wooden balls in color first if you want a different look from the wood tones (or you can also stain the wood!). If you don’t want to create your own, you can also opt for this one or this one for the same effect. If you are also all for a simple DIY, I hope that this will also make its way into your home! xo. Lauras

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