Chill Delights: Felt Ice Cream Sundae Toy

I don’t know about the kids in your life, but my daughter loves to play with dummy food. The great thing about play foods and cooking kits (we still use this one I made all the time!) is that this is a fairly wide age range that will play with you and you can get years and years out of a gaming power setup.

I noticed that my daughter noticed that some large felt balls that I had in my Craft stash looked like ice cream balls (and she wanted to play with them to organize an ice cream party for her loved ones) and I thought that this would be a quick and easy thing to transform into a small one And if you are not ready for the sewing that some children’s handymen have put together, you are in luck! You can create the whole thing as a transparent project and it will be done in no time …


– 4.5 cm wool felt balls for the ice cream (I made the Tone, whisper and pear colors to add them to the pink colors I already had)
– 1 cm wool felt balls for the cherries (I made the color of the tractor)
– white felt for whipped cream
– brown ric rac ribbon for chocolate sauce
Pieces of different colors of felt for sequins
– ice tray
– Sundae (like this one)
– printable sticker paper (here are the flavor labels that I used on a 4 x 6 sticker paper)

To make the sprinkles, simply cut 1/4″ wide strips of felt and cut them into small strips to make sprinkles! I put them in an old sprinkling jar and you can shake them like real ones!

You can use Ric Rac ribbon for the chocolate sauce (or a brown color for the caramel sauce) and small red felt balls for the cherries, and you can follow this tutorial for a Non-sewable whipped cream (or this one if you can handle super easy sewing).

I love these little ice cream containers that store the different flavors, and the printing of the little flavor labels also gives them a touch of authenticity (if you don’t have self-adhesive paper, you can print them on plain Paper and stick them or stick them on the containers as well).

It’s just the cutest little thing, isn’t it!? I will keep an extra Ice tray to put the toppings in so I can store them all together when not in use. You can also make paper ice cream bags to add to your set, or paint one of the cups brown and draw lines for a waffle bowl on it! It would also be a really cute gift for a child, all in a nice basket.

Now, as with all children’s crafts and toys, you need to adapt to the age of the child. I think it would be nice for little toddlers If they took out the little cherry balls. So if you still have a child who puts things in his mouth, just adjust it as needed to protect him.

I can’t wait to take all of Lola’s loved ones to an ice cream gathering this afternoon! Do you think it would be a hit with your children? xo. Lauras

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