Blooming Brilliance: DIY Flower Pillar Candle Creation

I’ve made a few candles in the past (you can see more here), but I’m a little surprised that I’ve never made a pillar candle option. Pillar candles are great because they have a nice height on your candle (and you have more candles to burn than a shorter one) and they have a lot of fun shapes to customize their appearance — like this whimsical flower shape! I was thinking of making some of these for my office, and they would also be really cute for an easy gift! Then make your own!


– flower shape
– microwave-safe soy wax (or other melting candle chips)
– Coloring and fragrance of the candles, if desired
– coconut oil (or other oil or release spray) and brush
– Pillar candle wick
-bit centering tool
– sealing of the mold

First of all, you need to oil your mold a little so that it will be easier to get your candle out of the mold at the end. I only melt a very small amount of coconut oil and apply it to the inside of the mold in a very thin layer with a brush.

Thread your wick into the hole in your mold, leaving 1 to 2″ of extra wick coming out of the hole in the bottom. Use your molding sealant to cover the area around the opening of the wick so that the area is sealed by the wax coming out of the hole.

Melt your wax in the microwave according to the instructions on the bag. When the wax is completely melted, add the dye from your candle (it dries much easier than it looks — I just added a drop of red for a pale pink color) and stir with a popsicle stick. Pull the top of your wick through the wick centering tool and pour your wax into the mold. You can use a measuring cup with a spout for this (one that you only use for Crafts, not for cooking), but I just poured it out of the corner of my container and it worked fine. Be sure to keep a little wax in your container to melt it in the material that you “dig” near your wick after the first casting.

Once your wax is needed, leave your candle completely cool (check the instructions on the wax you are using, but it usually only takes a few hours). Once the wax has cooled, check the area near the wick to see if the wax has collapsed to form a get down in the center of your candle. If this is the case, melt the remaining wax again and just enough to flatten the top again and let it cool completely.

Once cooled, place the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes to shrink the wax a little so that you can gently pull the wick to detach the candle from the mold (put it in the freezer for an additional 5 minutes if it doesn’t come out). Cut the wick at the bottom and top of your candle and you are ready to light!

Is it cute? I love it next to my pink “Run Wild” print and my trinkets. Candles make great gifts if you want to do something special for someone, and you can also add a few cute matches and a fire extinguisher to embellish your gift. You can also make several of them at different heights to form an offset group of candles. There are so many fun shapes for pillar candles and once you get the hang of it, I could totally see this as a new hobby… you can also support a candle artist if you’re not the DIY type (check out 5 Asian candle companies that we like), but it’s pretty nice to make your own!

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